05/06/2020 Travis Spangler

UFC is now partnering with Automation Anywhere for RPA!

We are pleased to announce that we are entering into a partnership with Automation Anywhere! Automation Anywhere is a world renown leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) known in the industry for helping to automate processes in the workplace for over 16 years. They strive to accomplish the huge task of assisting people to reach their highest productive potential in the workplace.


What are UFC’s plans?

UFC will be selling and servicing the Automation Anywhere platform – just like we do for our ABBYY and Quillix clients. We intend to leverage the great technology in ABBYY and Quillix to further increase customer efficiencies using the Automation Anywhere RPA enterprise solution. We are excited to brainstorm and experience the amazing impact RPA technology will provide to you, so please reach out if you have any interest!


More about Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere has received various awards for their elite RPA software some of which include: being a 2018-2019 leader in the Ovum Decision Matrix for RPA Platforms, a 2018 leader in the PEAK Matrix Assessment by the Everest Group, and #1 out of 10 RPA Products in 2018 by the HFS Blueprint Reports. Automation Anywhere’s product portfolio is truly revolutionary as they have crafted software that identifies, maps, and replicates repetitive ordinary business tasks to allow the human to use their brainpower to tackle more complex and unique ones.

The most essential feature of Automation Anywhere is that it tirelessly performs many time-consuming, repetitive business tasks for your employees, thus leaving them with more time and energy to devote to more challenging tasks. Through the integration of these automation robots into their everyday processes, their productivity increases as two tasks are being completed at the same time, but only require one employee’s time. Automation Anywhere refers to this type of environment as, “The Intelligent Digital Workforce”. Not only has Automation Anywhere developed robotic automation to replicate tasks, but they have also designed robots with many other elite capabilities some of which include data capture, data correction, and process performance analysis.


Next Steps!

We encourage you to contact us in order to explore a partnership with us for these truly revolutionary products we are now able to provide to you!


Travis Spangler

Travis writes articles dealing with various technical aspects of document capture and forms processing. He is fluent in Microsoft.NET and holds several certifications including ABBYY FlexiCapture and IRISXTract. As general manager and sales director, he controls the daily operations as well as manages customer accounts to ensure both customers and prospects are receiving the very best from UFC, Inc. Travis has many years of experience with document capture software and content management systems. He also has wide areas of expertise including custom functions in ABBYY FlexiCapture, email API's, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and many other applications and platforms. He has integrated Amazon Web Services EC2 instances with several applications including the company's CRM system.

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