ABBYY FineReader Server

Automatically create searchable, easily accessible digital libraries.

ABBYY FineReader Server

ABBYY FineReader Server is a high-volume, server based OCR application for business. This product, which is part of the larger line of FineReader desktop products, provides a means for companies to automatically perform OCR of a document from a variety of input sources. This innovative and easy to use server-based OCR application provides the means to index documents from their content automatically, although not as easy or powerful as ABBYY FlexiCapture. After a document has been sent through OCR it can be exported in a variety of formats including text searchable PDF, Microsoft Word, or many others including specialized PDF formats such as PDF/A and PDF/UA.

Key Features

Reliable, Proven Optical Character Recognition Software

FineReader Server provides high quality, reliable, and fast OCR in 190 languages.

Extreme Scaling Capability

FineReader Server provides an easy means to scale the OCR processing power by simply adding additional processing servers.

Supports Unusual Historical Fonts Such as Gothic

The software can recognize historical fonts such as Gothic fonts in languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Process a Wide Variety of Document Types

FineReader Server processes incoming files from a myriad of formats including most image file types, PDF, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, OpenDocument Text, and more.

Recognizes Barcodes for Separation

Makes document separation much easier by allowing the use of barcodes to separate types of documents. The barcode can be placed either on the image itself or on a separate barcode separator sheet.

Lots of PDF Export Options

FineReader Server was designed with the export of OCR documents to the PDF format. A wide variety of PDF formats are possible including compressed PDF (PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2u, and PDF/A-3a) as well as the new PDF/UA format.

Automatic Document Type Separation

Automatically separates documents based upon their type through the use of detection of the number of pages, blank page detection, or barcode separator sheets. Rules can also be created through the built in scripting engine to separate document types within a batch.

Integrated with SharePoint

Includes sophisticated integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server to provide features such as automatically checking out non-searchable documents from a library and then checking in a new, OCR text searchable version. Also provides basic functions such as checking in documents being sent through OCR.

Unique XML Ticket Processing Function and COM API

Innovative XML ticket function provides a way to process document batches based upon an “CML ticket” included along with the document image itself. This provides a way to send unique OCR processing paramaters to FineReader Server for each document which has an XML ticket included. A COM and Web Services API is also available to perform more complex integration functions. Read more about the Web Services API.

Advantages And Benefits

Makes Content Easy to Locate

Provides a cost effective means to OCR all of the content within an organization so that it can be located through searching either of the document text itself or the metadata. Converts large volumes of non-text searchable data to searchable format 24×7 to eliminate backlogs of documents needing OCR.

Easy to Use for Non-Technical Employees

The graphical capture processing wizard is easy to use even for non-technical workers. Simply select the document source, image pre-processing settings, set processing parameters (indexing, verification) and export settings.

Rapid Return on Investment

FineReader Server provides a very rapid ROI because of its low overall cost and the reduction in IT resources needed for configuration. Licenses are available in a variety of formats including limited or unlimited page counts. Find out more about FineReader Server Licensing.

Some Use Cases for FineReader Server

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