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Explore the powerful Proof of Identity solution with liveness detection and mobile capture.

Don’t lose new customers because they become frustrated with your proof of identity process.

Are you frustrating your potential customers by not providing a quick and easy means of proving their identity at the start of your process? How many customers do you lose at this first step? They already spend untold hours proving their identity at places like the DMV in order to obtain their Real ID. Take advantage of your customer’s trust in mobile applications in order to capture and validate their identity right at the start of the process with ABBYY Proof of Identity.

Your customers expect you to leverage their mobile phone technology, why aren’t you offering them an easy proof of identity application?

ABBYY Proof of Identity combines both identity proofing technology tied to documents (such as passports) with identity affirming technology into a single solution. This comprehensive identity solution leverages ABBYY’s industry leading mobile capture solution combined with intelligent document processing (IDP) in such a way as to greatly simplify the task a customer faces when uploading identity documents and providing digital proof of their identity.

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Why Do You Need Identity Proofing?

Identity proofing is often the first, critical step in the onboarding process for a new customer. This includes customers in such areas, but not limited to opening a new bank account, creating a new insurance claim, or applying for a mortgage loan. The identity proofing process is where the customer provides identity documents including ID cards and photographs of themself in order for a business to verify that the customer is indeed the person they say they are.

There are two steps in affirming the identity of a customer:

  1. Proving that the identity document presented by the customer is actually valid and that the person presenting the document is actually the person represented on the document (through facial matching).
  2. Verifying the accuracy of the person’s data with the other supporting information.

What is the Business Cost of Identity Fraud?

Identity fraud costs businesses money, not just the consumer victims. There is a huge cost in not getting adequate and correct identity information during customer onboarding. According to the ABBYY USA quoting from the Consumer Sentinel Network, some 3.2 million fraud and identity reports were logged during the year 2019 in the USA. Companies can become victims of fraud if they don’t adequately confirm whether the customer’s claimed identity matches their actual identity. This is the challenge solved by ABBYY Proof of Identity.

Introducing ABBYY Proof of Identity by ABBYY USA

ABBYY Proof of Identity is a comprehensive identity solution

ABBYY Proof of Identity is a comprehensive solution which assures that an ID is authentic, valid, and is from the person who says they are. This full featured, ready to run identity application includes liveness detection and facial matching, ID reading, and process of related document through a mobile device. This ready to use software application leverages ABBYY Vantage Document Skills, something with which User Friendly Consulting has become experts in after having created over twenty Vantage Skills.

Leverages your customers’ desire to use their mobile phone

Your customers prefer to use their mobile phones to perform critical, sensitive tasks like uploading personal and confidential documents. Banking customers have relied upon mobile apps to perform a wide variety of account management tasks. They expect your company to offer the same services when you ask them to verify their identity. This identity solution also provides a way for your customers to begin their identity verification process online on their computer and then complete it through the use of their mobile phone. They can then return to the full featured web page to complete their application.

No mobile phone app required

The innovative image capture technology does not require your customer to download a mobile phone app, but it will work on a mobile device with a camera. The software uses ABBYY USA’s innovative Mobile Capture technology which results in very high capture rates the very first time your customer captures an image of their ID document. This sophisticated technology resolves common quality issues experienced in less advanced systems including things like out of focus images, glare, photographing the wrong side of the document, and incorrect framing where a document is cut off.

Key Features

Reads ID documents, verifies and authenticates the document

ABBYY Proof of Identity reads the data from documents after detecting the variation of the particular document. Data is extracted from the machine readable zones along with any information that is human readable. After data extraction is completed the original document image is presented to the next step in an unaltered form to ensure complete authenticity of the original.

Facial matching and “liveness” detection

ABBYY Proof of Identity utilizes sophisticated liveness and facial matching technology in order to ensure that the person who is uploading the document is who they say there are. Special NIST rated facial recognition technology is used along with collective non-bias decision making in order to achieve a non-bias accuracy differential on the order of one percent or less between the race and gender of the person.

Includes trailing document support

ABBYY’s powerful ABBYY Vantage is used to extract data from supporting identity proof documents such as utility bills, income statements, bank statements, etc. These trailing documents are used to further establish the proof of identity for the person making the application. ABBYY Vantage provides pre-training data extraction profiles called “skills” which greatly simply the configuration of new types of documents. UFC, Inc. has created over two dozen ABBYY Vantage Skills in order to increase the ease of implementation.

ABBYY ID provides a fully automated and intelligent solution

ABBYY’s extensive experience has shown that the involvement of humans in the proof of identity process tends to reduce the overall speed as well as increasing the error rate. The ABBYY Proof of Identity solution provides a fully automated system which greatly reduces errors and increases the speed of the identification process.

Exception handling provides greater flexibility in configuration

While ABBYY Proof of Identity can indeed run in a completely automated mode it does also offer the ability for human intervention in the process to audit critical transactions. You can determine the level of automation you desire and the amount of human interaction you require among the transactions.

Provides a high level of process intelligence

The ABBYY Proof of Identity solution provides high quality process intelligence in order to identify problem areas in business processes. The solution leverages the powerful ABBYY Timeline process mining tool in order to optimize business processes while providing crucial insights into process performance.

How ABBYY Proof of Identity works:

Onboarding of customers: Customers engage with their mobile devices in order to submit their entry documents very quickly into ABBYY’s Mobile Capture and automated workflow system.
ID Reading and Verification: The solution analyzes the ID document and extracts the necessary data while also confirming the authenticity.
Robust Mobile Capture: Customers are used to using and desire to use their mobile devices to complete various application processes. They can begin the process on a web page, then receive a text message on their mobile devices which provides the gateway for the mobile capture of the required documents.

Use Cases:

two business workers sitting at office table

Customer Onboarding

Customers can more easily complete their application process through the use of their mobile device. They can first begin on the application web page, receive a text message in order to upload documents using their mobile phone, and then quickly complete their application. The proof of identity process is then completed without the necessity of a face-to-face meeting therefore saving countless minutes in the process while reducing the frustration of potential customers.

Know Your Customer

Providing Proof of Identity is a key capability for banks and other financial institutions required to comply with the Know Your Customer regulation.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers expect the ease of using their mobile phones to complete transactions. With the widespread use of mobile phones came increased convenience features for things like application for a Real ID driver’s license, applying for insurance or a mortgage. ABBYY Proof of Identity provides an out-of-the-box, ready to run solution for mobile capture.

Prevention of Fraud

Enterprise that desire to prevent fraud can easily implement ABBYY Proof of ID in order to provide both proof of identity and liveness of their customers. This technology ensures that companies can prove the customer is who they say they are while also proving that the person is acting on behalf of themselves.

Claims Processing

Claims processing is one of the areas of low hanging fruit for insurance companies and government agencies when it comes to adding Proof of Identity to the process.

Account Change and Management

You can reduce the headache for your customers with the need to validate their identity by incorporating Proof of Identity into an existing account management or account change procedure.

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