ABBYY FineReader Server Features and Benefits

Are you seeking a powerful server-based document capture software and OCR solution to supplement ABBYY® FineReader Professional®?

ABBYY FineReader Server Features and Benefits:

auto conversion of documents to pdf and pdf/aAutomatically convert documents to PDF or PDF/A format

FineReader Server® document capture software automatically digitizes large volumes of documents to these industry standard formats. It does so behind the scenes, 24 hours a day, while you focus on more important duties.  Users can add critical metadata for documents simply by lassoing these values from the document – no typing is required. Index data can either be automatically written into the filename or extracted from an XML results file with no programming required.



document conversion service

Provide a company wide document conversion service from image or pdf to searchable format

This server based OCR solution provides your company with a means of converting large volumes of image format documents to searchable formats including Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, and searchable PDF. The architecture behind Recognition Server® is completely scalable to handle processing volumes as quickly as you need them to be processed. Just add another processing server somewhere on your company network.



create searchable sharepoint repository

Create full text searchable libraries in Microsoft® SharePoint Server®

FineReader Server can be pointed to an existing SharePoint Server® library, locate and check out non-searchable documents, and then check back in a text searachable version such as image over text PDF.  The product includes native integration with the Microsoft Search Server®. When you install the iFilter add-on on your server, the documents processed by Recognition Server instantly become searchable within your network.  Should the system run on a small company network without a server, the processed documents will be searchable directly through the integrated Windows® desktop search.

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ABBYY Recognition Server Video

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