Provides a platform to process and analyze cognitive skills for the modern digital enterprise.

ABBYY Vantage

A more intelligent means to process company documents through the means of cognitive skills.
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Overview of ABBYY Vantage – A Cognitive Automation Service Platform

ABBYY Vantage is a cognitive automation services platform that applies artificial intelligence technology in order to extract data from documents. This new, comprehensive platform uses the term “skills” for three categories in the taxonomy of Vantage’s reasoning in order to provide a no code approach to enterprises desiring to use AI and machine learning technology without having to become experts in these technologies.

Vantage comes ready to run with a set of core skills as follows. (Refer to the FAQ’s for a much more in depth explanation of skills and their four technical types.)

  1. Document Skill (Insight). This is the skill where data extraction training is used to extract data from within documents. Document skills include invoices, purchase orders, bank statements, waybills, or any type of document for which samples are available in regularly expected formats.
  2. Classification Skill (Understanding). This skill is where Vantage determines which type of document belongs to a specific classification set. For example, a batch of documents could contain an invoice and a credit note. This classification skill would match the invoice classification set to the invoice and the credit note to its credit note set.
  3. OCR Skill (Vision). This applies AI-enabled OCR and machine learning in order to make documents readable for additional processing. For example, an image only PDF would be converted to a text version which unlocks the ability to extract the meaning from the document. This gets at the high strategic value of OCR technology – the ability to unlock meaning within a document.

You can create additional skills yourself or purchase one from a technology provider on the ABBYY Marketplace. For example, you can create a document skill for an invoice by collecting a set of example documents and then train the skill yourself. Or you could purchase a skill for extracting data from a CMS 1500 form from an experienced technology vendor who best understands the complexity of this document. Watch for announcements from UFC regarding their release of new skills including one for the CMS 1500 and Automation Anywhere.

Overview Video of Vantage:

Benefits of ABBYY Vantage:

  • Vantage is easy to use. Vantage is very easy to use because it is a no code or low code application.  Users don’t have to be experts in the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, or data extraction software in order to fully benefit from the powerful, intuitive features of Vantage.
  • Vantage provides modern architecture. Vantage provides the absolute highest level of modern architecture.
  • Provides the newest level of high intelligence in data processing software.  This brand new technology truly merits the term “game changing software” with its use of deep and rapid machine learning without templates while also providing continuous learning.
  • Eliminate the need for a long development project in order to extract and process data.  Weeks of training is eliminated by using ABBYY Vantage, along with the risks associated with training employees who then subsequently leave the company.

Key Features:

  • Provides a comprehensive platform of cognitive services and trained skills that use artificial intelligence in order to determine the meaning and extract data from documents in a human like manner.
  • No code or low code platform which transforms the ability of companies to expand digital automation initiatives in order to make an immediate impact upon business processes.
  • Provides for the processing of variable type, unstructured documents. Since up to about 80% of data in a company falls into the variable category this creates the need for large amounts of human interaction in processing these documents.  Vantage solves this challenge of extracting information from highly variable documents such as invoices, purchase orders, waybills, etc.

Here are a Few Applications of ABBYY Vantage:

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Onboarding

ABBYY Vantage gives the modern digital worker skills which empower them to read, process and route business documents relating to KYC and customer onboarding processes. This enables both higher quality and also faster customer service from the first customer interaction.

Procure to Pay and Order to Cash

Vantage provides pre-trained skills for the extraction of data from a variety of documents related to procure to pay and order to cash. This includes automatic extraction of data from things like purchase orders, invoices and receipts and then integration of this data into the financial processes.

Transportation and Logistics

Vantage provides a robust pathway to digitize shipping related documents and automate the logistics and shipping process. This includes digitization and extraction of data from documents such as waybills, receipts, and bills of lading. Automation provides a means to expedite the flow of freight through carriers, customs and forwarders.

How ABBYY Vantage Works:

Start with a skill, either from the ones included out of the box, the ABBYY Vantage Marketplace, or one you developed yourself through the no code Vantage platform.

abbyy vantage architecture diagram

Steps in Getting Started:

First, either create a new skill by using the Vantage Skill Designer or select one from the Marketplace.

Publish the skill to the Vantage Catalog which then makes it available to be discovered by process automation platforms or workflows. Since Vantage comes with a REST API this can be used to easily integrate with other systems.

After you have deployed your skills you can then analyze the performance of the skills and optimize further learning.

How the Vantage Components Work Together:

diagram about how abbyy vantage components interact

Our Ready to Run Connectors for ABBYY Vantage

ABBYY Vantage Connector for Automation Anywhere

Our ABBYY Vantage connector provides integration with Automation Anywhere’s award winning RPA. Using out-of-the-box tools in solutions, you’ll have the ability to easily include high-quality OCR extraction with bots. This framework utilizes out-of-the-box tools in each system so you will have no concerns with ongoing support or compatibility.

ABBYY Vantage Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Our ABBYY Vantage Connector for SharePoint provides integration between these two best-in-class platforms. Now you can perform high quality, advanced OCR extraction and store the documents in Microsoft SharePoint. This will enable your organization to take advantage of the data inside your documents as well as follow best practices for retention.

Watch our Video Showing ABBYY Vantage and Automation Anywhere:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Vantage “skill’?

A Vantage Skill is one of three classifications in the ABBYY Vantage taxonomy. The main idea behind a skill is that it offers a no-code design approach that is appropriate for companies to utilize machine learning and AI technologies without having to be a coding expert.

The four categories of ABBYY Vantage Skills are:

  1. Core Skills.  These include things like document OCR, document classification, and data extraction skills. Extraction skills are where data extraction training is used to extract data from within documents. Ready to run skills for data extraction for documents include invoices, purchase orders, bank statements, waybills, or any type of document for which samples are available in regularly expected formats. Classification skills are where Vantage determines which type of document belongs to which classification set. For example, a batch of documents could contain an invoice and a credit note. This classification skill would match the invoice classification set to the invoice and the credit note to its set.
  2. Framework Skills.  These provide the first building block of a Document Skill in which specific fields within a document types are labeled along with the specification of business rules.  Because of the variable nature of documents some additional training may be required in order to achieve excellent accuracy of data extraction. By the word “training” we mean that the system may need to be shown additional variations of a document. The larger the sample size then results in more accurate data extraction.
  3. Trained Skills. A fully trained skill is one in which say for a document skill it fully understands the particular document type such as an invoice or purchase order.  ABBYY is producing trained skills for documents such as invoices, receipts and other common document types. Other skills are available from ABBYY partners and customers.
  4. Process Skills. These combine both classification and document skills with the logic of the business in order to create much more complex processing flows to address the complex needs of a business.

Is ABBYY Vantage purely a cloud solution or can we run it locally inside our company either on our private cloud or a local server?

ABBYY Vantage is available in either a cloud hosted version or a version that you can run locally either in your private cloud or on your own server.

Learn about the ABBYY Vantage Marketplace

The ABBYY Vantage Marketplace gives Vantage users a comprehensive collection of skills, technology assets and connectors which greatly enhance the Vantage platform. The Marketplace is one of the advantages of using Vantage since technology providers like User Friendly Consulting Inc. have developed ready to run pre-trained skills along with connectors for various products.

Visit the ABBYY Marketplace by following this link:  ABBYY Marketplace

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