ABBYY Timeline

Process intelligence platform which transforms your enterprise.

ABBYY Timeline is a process intelligence platform that allows businesses to use the information contained within their systems to create a visual model of their processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making of technology investments.

Process Intelligence – a New Approach:

The vast majority of process execution today is tracked, managed, and performed through any number of IT systems of record. That means you already have a record of just about every aspect of any of your processes. You just need the right tool to recreate an end-to-end view of process execution. Traditional business intelligence tools, dashboards, and reports can’t create this for you. ABBYY Timeline can.

When properly ingested, merged, and analyzed, this wealth of data can be used to discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies. By applying advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can predict and forecast processes into the future, while optimizing business operations through real-time monitoring.

Process Intelligence helps the modern enterprise to…

Rapidly reveal how every occurrence of every process is executed, including even the most ad-hoc variable workflows.

Unrolled map with target, pencil, and square

Easily identify, quantify, and target the highest-impact process instances for digital transformation or automation initiatives.

clock with three arrows coming our of it

Automatically generate a foundation for data-driven decisions with quantifiable process metrics, including cost, duration, and volume.

Document with magnifying glass finding dollar signs

Simply and quickly pinpoint the root cause of non-compliant, unusual, or high-cost processes.

lightbulb with outer and inner circle

Easily define complex scenarios and automatically detect them as they occur, triggering remediation efforts.

Analytics graph with clock inside of gear

Use early stage data to predict process outcomes and proactively plan or act.

Remove the complexity of process analysis to deliver the “aha moment” with every click

Explore the four steps to process transformation.

Timeline - How it works

Learn More About How It Works

Discovering & mapping

Your processes are everywhere and are typically connected and/or recorded in your IT systems. Using advanced algorithms, ABBYY Timeline extracts and reads the time stamps used to record specific events along your processes. The software then visually models these time stamps in such a way that you can instantly identify variations from the ideal process flow to find the root cause of a problem that may be costing your business money.

Analysis & optimization

Develop an understanding of process performance based on the actual data. Consider every step completed by every person, and every machine involved in a process — ABBYY Timeline is a platform that can make sense of all that data, with the ability to automatically organize and visually display your entire process end-to-end. With this insight, it becomes easy to identify areas for process improvement — sometimes in places you weren’t even looking.

Process monitoring & alerting

Identify inefficient variations and set rules for the process. Alert the right staff or automate remediation to ensure processes are functioning properly and eliminate bad processes before they happen with ongoing monitoring of protocols.

Process prediction & forecasting

Predict the future process state. Combine process mining with machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve highly integrated and fully automated insights to forecast processes in their future state, and take action to ensure positive outcomes.

Key Features of ABBYY TimeLine

Built with the enterprise business user in mind.

ABBYY Timeline is the only Process Intelligence platform that combines deep-rooted analysis and predictive classification and search capabilities with extremely granular monitoring and alerting. For businesses, that means gaining full transparency of your processes, answering deeper questions about them, and having the data to support technology investments for process improvement.

25+ Prebuilt, industry best-practice tools

Quickly build complex queries and sophisticated analysis from existing data in an easy-to-use, intuitive, user-friendly interface. With over 25-pre-built modules, process analysis has never been easier!

Transparent Pricing

Innovative, customer-friendly pricing means paying only for the capabilities you need. We deliver process analytics with no hidden costs or additional products required. Understand the price you pay upfront, with no surprises.

Quick to Start, Easy to Scale

With low coding and an easy-to-use platform with enterprise-level technology, you can become a process genius in no time at all. Start with one process, load your data, and immediately discover, analyze, optimize, and monitor within minutes.

Analytics, Not Infrastructure

Timeline’s fully managed cloud platform approach reduces operational overhead by handling performance, scalability, availability, security, and compliance needs automatically. We deliver regular product updates and improvements based on our own ideas and best practices from industry leaders, ensuring you always have the latest and greatest features and capabilities built in.

Connect Data From Many Sources

Timeline provides a single location to visualize and analyze all of your business processes end-to-end, no matter how many back-end systems are being used. Connectors and ETL in the could help connect Timeline tools and data to practically any system you use to run your business. Timeline doesn’t replace your existing IT investments; it compliments them. It’s designed to work with the tools you already use and broaden the possibilities for business process analysis.

Puts Together Your Process Puzzle

While other solutions limit you to a specific question to get a specific ansewr, Timeline’s unique approach associates every piece of your process data with every other piece, no matter what system of record. With instant response time for results, you can understand your process end to end.

Advantages and Benefits


Build a process control and command center

Monitor employee productivity and other key process elements, identify trends, and ultimately improve processes over time. Deliver analytics to business users based on as-is process execution and provide an interactive process digital twin.

100% end-to-end process transparency

Whether your data is sitting in a spreadsheet, a database, SAP Business Warehouse, or locked away in separate systems of record, Timeline can retrieve the data you need, in real time or on a schedule. No matter how many systems store your process data, Timeline’s technology will present you full, end-to-end visualization of your processes.

Continuous process improvement

Process improvement never stops. Timeline automatically monitors process performance, assisting in triggering remediation processes or RPA technologies.

Predict issues before they happen

Detect patterns on historical process execution and make intelligent predictions that apply to ongoing processes. Recommend immediate course corrections and alert the right team members.


Rapidly deploy and scale

A single platform means everything is in one place and your team can be operational much faster than typical business intelligence initiatives. Even the most sophisticated implementations can be deployed without coding or programming. Load data, then analyze — it’s that fast!

Save time and money

Eliminate waste by streaming and simplifying operations to reduce operating expenses while enhancing processing speed, accuracy, and consistency. Timeline does the work of evaluating your processes, making it easy to identify business process improvement opportunities, and delivering a faster time to value on your process improvement initiatives.

Course-correct your robotic workforce

Review historical robot process data to uncover trends and proactively take action with analytics-based decisions that stop problems in their tracks and ensure that your robotic workforce is performing effectively.

Ensure compliance and eliminate risk

Use a single Process Intelligence platform to gain 100% visibility and understanding of your organization’s process performance and compliance across all of your diverse systems. Receive alerts when rules set in place are broken, and follow up immediately to ensure that it won’t happen again.

Improve the customer experience

Observe your “as-is” processes and identify areas for improvement that will impact customer satisfaction


Tailored for the business user

Access to Timeline data is not limited to analysts and advanced IT users. With Timeline, business users can easily build in-depth queries, automatically discover process execution, drill in to the granular details, predict outcomes, and monitor operations to ensure processes execute according to plan.

Do it all yourself

Timeline enables sophisticated process understanding using a programming-free, browser-based, point-and-click interface. You can create advanced analytics and filters without coding and share tailored dashboards without the intervention of IT or third-party tools.

Cloud availability

Access the platform 24/7/365, whenever you need to. Updates and new features are available the minute they’re released. Encryption, two-factor authentication, and many more security features keep you and your data safe.

Collateral Materials for You to Download

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