MuWave Barcode Generator

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MuWave® Barcode Generator

MuWave® Barcode Generator is a Web-Based Utility That Streamlines the Capture Process by Allowing Users to Print Barcode Indexing Sheets.

Simple Web-based Barcode Indexing

Printed barcode sheets provide an easy way to index batches and separate documents.  MuWave® Barcode Generator is a great way to print the barcode indexing sheets. Users select a barcode application then navigate their way through linked menus, type in any free form text, then click a button to print the sheet.

Barcode applications are setup by an administrator using a web-based interface. Barcode applications may be cloned to simplify the creation of similar applications.  Also global preferences may be established for all of the barcode settings in order to further simplify the setup of advanced applications.

A barcode application presents a series of menus and data entry fields to the users. The menus may be linked together so that choice lists are generated for the user. With MuWave® Barcode Generator it is easy to setup complex barcode applications without the need for custom coding. Barcode applications may static, variable or barcodes based on free text data entry or HTML for display of text, pictures or other data.

Key Features Include:

  • Requires no client software other than a web browser
  • Provides sophisticated barcode application generation
  • Supports database lookups
  • Supports dependent drop-down style menus
  • Barcodes may be based on static text, databases, or free text entry
  • Complete web-based administration interface
  • Supports advanced features such as popup calendar for date entry

Supported Barcode Types

Code 39, Code 11, CodeaBar, MSI, Extended Code 39, Code 93, Code128(A,B,C), EAN!28, UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, JAN!3, JAN8, HIBC LIC 39, HIBC LIC 128, HIBC EAN/UCC128, HIBA EAN


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