MuWave Batch Transfer

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MuWave® Batch Transfer

MuWave® Batch Transfer is a client server application that works with Quillix™ Web to provide an unattended transfer of Quillix batches from the web client to the Quillix server. Quillix Web is a powerful web-based capture product. MuWave® Batch Transfer enhances Quillix Web by liberating Quillix Web users from having to manually release their batches to the server. Batch Transfer runs in the background as a Windows service and releases batches at a specified time to the Quillix server. This allows Quillix Web users to take advantage of off-peak network throughput, reducing the network burden during busy daytime hours. This is especially important for Quillix Web users who utilize slow or high latency network connections such as a satellite connection. The product supports any number of users and users need not be logged on for the transfer to occur.


•   Provides configurable off-hours unattended transfer of batches
•   Operates as a Microsoft® Windows service in the background
•   Supports transfer during off-peak network usage periods
•   Transfers all batches for all users – no user needs to be logged on
•   Supports email and Windows event log interface for event reporting
•   Provides Windows system tray for ease of configuration
•   Supports all Quillix Web transfer methods including HTTP

Supported Protocols

MuWave® Batch Transfer supports all of the communication methods that Quillix Web supports including Microsoft shared folders, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS. MuWave® Batch Transfer is installed on the Quillix Web clients using a regular Windows installer (setup.exe). A single installer on the server installs the necessary .NET web service that the MuWave® Batch Transfer clients communicate with.