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Would you like to capture documents automatically by email and have them processed in your document capture or forms processing software system? MuWave® Email Gateway provides advanced email capture tasks with ease. This email capture software application automates the mundane tasks of adding documents for processing by your document capture, OCR, or forms processing solution. It also provides features for export of documents by email.ufc product datasheet cover

 MuWave® Email Gateway Allows You To:

  • Save time by ensuring that unrelated emails and their attachments are not consumed by your OCR or forms processing system, thereby also saving on the page count and processing time.
  • Provides you with an automatic means of ignoring or validating messages / attachments that do not meet certain criteria.
  • Utilize greatly expanded email functions without the need for the scripting required in your out of the box document capture or OCR solution.

Summary of Features of the MuWave® Email Gateway:

  • Ability to setup multiple email boxes for monitoring.
  • Captures email attachments from messages.
  • Ability to ignore emails with specific file attachments.
  • Ability to ignore email signature files or files with no extension.
  • Ability to validate/reject messages with specific phrases, DPI levels, or extensions.
  • Ability to reply to sender or an administrator when a message is rejected due to violation of validation.
  • Exports extracted files to a folder of your choice, which can then be monitored by your document capture or OCR system.

Configuration Screen to Add Email Account:

Email capture1

Configuration Screen for Monitor Settings:

Email Capture2

Attachment Processing Settings:

Email Capture3


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