MuWave Export

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MuWave® Export

MuWave® Export is a Quillix™ Server eXtension (QSX) that exports documents to a directory or network share. The filenames for the exported documents may be generated based on any combination of the batch name, index values, or any other information. The document indexes may be exported into text or comma separated value (CSV) files. In addition, advanced operations such as database lookups are available for calculating the index values. Built-in Visual Basic scripting allows more advanced operations to be performed.

Flexible and Powerful

MuWave® Export provides the ability to export Quillix batches and documents to a directory or network share.  Images contained in the batches or documents may be converted to multi-page TIFF or even converted to image-only PDF format without the need for a separate PDF module. The batch or document indexes may be exported to either a text or comma separated value (CSV) file and the values exported may be customized using simple pull down menus, or even database lookups. The Microsoft® Windows file security may be set on each document that is exported. In addition, a database operation may be performed for each document that is exported. This is useful in situations where another system needs to be notified that a document is available for processing.


•   Provides export of Quillix batches and documents to directory or network share
•   Automated document naming using index values or other information
•   Supports export to multi-page TIFF or image-only PDF file formats
•   Provides export of document indexes to text, CSV, or Microsoft Excel
•   Provides document security options for securing exported documents
•   Provides database lookup capability for index values or document filenames
•   Integrated with MuWave® Script (Visual Basic) and MuWave® Reports

Two Versions: Pro and Lite

Two version are available. The Pro version includes the functionality to export tabular data from within these types of documents when configured in conjunction with MuWave® Forms Pro using the ABBYY Flexicapture Engine.  This provides the advanced capability to export  tabular type documents to Microsoft Excel.  The Lite version includes the basic export functionality described above.