MuWave® OCR QSX Data Sheet

MuWave® OCR is Quillix™ server extension that provides an efficient means of generating text information from Quillix images. It produces both text and searchable PDF versions of scanned images using the ABBYY FineReader® OCR engine. In addition, a built-in Visual Basic scripting interface allows advanced operations to be completed, such as storing the output files to a network storage device or inserting text into a database.

MuWave® OCR QSX provides OCR processing capability to Quillix document workflows using the industry leader ABBYY FineReader engine. MuWave® OCR can process either Quillix images to turn them into a variety of text formats including plain text, RTF, Word, Excel, HTML, or searchable PDF format. The OCR output results can be stored in a file within the Quillix document or exported to a directory or network share. In addition, the text that has been recognized in the images can be stored within a Quillix index.



•   OCR takes advantage of ABBYY FineReader engine, which is a server-side API OCR application
•   Works within any Quillix document workflow
•   Processes images or PDFs that already exist, making them searchable
•   Supports 155 languages
•   Provides the ability to export output text or PDF files to a directory or network share
•   Option to export text results to a Quillix index within the Quillix document
•   Advanced features including user customizable OCR dictionaries
•   Custom logging option for generating messages in the Quillix audit log
•   Built-in Visual Basic scripting for performing advanced operations such as calling custom COM objects
•   Integration with MuWave® Reports and other MuWave® modules for a comprehensive capture solution

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