MuWave PDF Optimizer

MuWave® PDF Optimizer Data SheetMuWave® PDF Optimizer is a Quillix™ Server eXtension (QSX) that works with any batch or document workflow, to standardize and optimize Adobe® PDF files. This prevents users from having issues opening the PDF files using a PDF viewer. MuWave® PDF Optimizer completely regenerates each PDF while providing the option to maintain the PDF in a searchable format. Advanced properties of the PDFs such as font embedding may be changed. The PDF version compatibility of the files may also be standardized. MuWave® PDF Optimizer works with all other MuWave® components and also supports built-in Visual Basic scripting for maximum flexibility.

MuWave® PDF Optimizer dramatically reduces the PDF file sizes while performing other operations such as standardizing the versions of the documents and flattening them to remove JavaScripts or PDF form information.  Advanced properties in each PDF may be modified as the files are optimized including changing the font embedding settings or modifying the color tables. PDF files that are too large after optimization may be routed to a queue for an administrator to analyze.


•   Strips JavaScript and flattens PDF forms
•   Dramatically reduces PDF file sizes
•   Standardizes PDF version compatibility
•   Provides the ability to alter advanced properties such as fonts and color tables
•   Provides an image-only option to produce truly flat PDFs
•   Custom logging option for generating messages in Quillix audit log
•   Built-in Visual Basic scripting for advanced routing decisions or calling custom COM objects
•   Integrated with MuWave® Script and MuWave® Reports