MuWave PDF for Quillix

Automatically extract data from documents, create an OCR searchable version, and export it anywhere.

MuWave® PDF QSXData Sheet

MuWave® PDF QSX for Quillix

Why lose searchability of a PDF document when you can just convert image only formats to searchable without worrying about per-page OCR licenses?

MuWave® PDF is a Quillix™ server extension that creates searchable PDFs from scanned images and non-searchable image-only PDFs. MuWave® PDF requires no per-page OCR licensing and is optimized for processing large volumes of documents.


  • Creates searchable PDFs from image-only PDFs or images without per-page licensing with unlimited performance and no volume limitations. This module is designed for higher-volume implementations.  Why lose important metadata from documents when you can just commit a text over image PDF to your ECM system?
  • Supports 11 Languages including English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Supports up to eight simultaneous processing (OCR) operations
  • Automatic document orientation detection
  • Fully optimized to process documents with poor backgrounds
  • Custom logging option for generating messages in the Quillix audit log
  • Built-in Visual Basic scripting for performing advanced operations such as calling custom COM objects
  • Integration with MuWave® Reports and other MuWave® modules for a comprehensive capture solution


MuWave® PDF supports all image formats that are supported by Quillix.  The product produces searchable PDF and the special PDF-A archive formats.

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