MuWave QSX for FileNET

Automatically commit documents to FileNET Image Services from Quillix Capture

MuWave® QSX for FileNet® is a Quillix™ service extension that provides integration with FileNet document management and imaging systems. MuWave® QSX for FileNet is easy to install and configure, yet is flexible enough to provide sophisticated document processing in high volume environments.

This product includes the ability to scan documents into FileNet Image Manager or Panagon Content Services through FileNet Web Services. It also includes sophisticated automatic document indexing, which maps Quillix profiles directly to FileNet document classes.   Please contact us for more information.


  • Document committal to Image Services and Content Services
  • Supports image format conversion to single or multi-page TIFF(CS)
  • Provides image only PDF renditioning as a low cost way to store documents in the convenient PDF format
  • Supports Quillix images as well as non-image (universal files). Files can be dynamically named as they are committed
  • Post-Commit operations allow document indexes to be updated after document committal
  • Full ODBC database support for indexing, post committal index updates, logging, or even advanced database operations
  • Support for folders in both IS and CS. The folder path may be dynamically generated based on any available information
  • Advanced versioning support that enables documents to be versioned in Content Services
  • Additional versioning options that enable incoming pages to be appended to existing image and PDF files
  • Dynamic security specification for documents based on any available information such as Quillix index values
  • Full support for Image Services workflow queues including the ability to file new documents in a workspace and queue
  • Optional database transaction capability including retry capability to ensure successful execution
  • Integration with MuWave® Reports and the other MuWave® modules

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