MuWave QSX for Laserfiche

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MuWave® QSX for Laserfiche Data Sheet

MuWave® QSX for Laserfiche® is a Quillix™ Service eXtension (QSX) that provides integration with Laserfiche enterprise content management systems. MuWave® QSX for Laserfiche is easy to install and configure, yet flexible enough to provide sophisticated document processing in high volume environments.

MuWave® QSX for Laserfiche turns your Quillix server into a high volume capture solution for Laserfiche imaging and document management systems. The product fully supports Laserfiche 7.x and 8.x versions and is designed to support high volume environments where accuracy and speed of processing is critical.  Optional advanced configuration settings include specifying the destination folder, dynamic document security settings, or the post commit processing.


•   Supports Laserfiche 7.x and 8.x
•   Supports dynamic document naming and indexing using simple menus or scripts
•   Advanced versioning support, enabling incoming documents to compared to existing versions
•   Provides database lookups or other advanced database operations
•   Provides post committal index and database operations
•   Supports dynamic document security determination and dynamic document foldering
•   Provides image-only PDF renditioning and image format conversion to multi-page TIFF
•   Supports Image Services workflow including filing new documents in a workspace and queue
•   Full ODBC support for indexing, post-commit index updates, logging and advanced operations
•   Integration with MuWave® Reports and the other MuWave® modules