MuWave QSX for Microsoft SharePoint Server

A Quillix™ Server extension (QSX) module which provides integration with Microsoft® SharePoint.

Introducing UFC’s Advanced Capture Solution for Microsoft SharePoint

MuWave® SharePoint® QSX is a Quillix™ Server extension (QSX) module which provides integration with Microsoft® SharePoint. It is easy to install and configure, yet is extremely flexible enough to provide complete control of document storage. metadata settings, and document naming.

Key Features

MuWave® QSX for SharePoint provides the following features in order to get your documents into SharePoint Server in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Automatic creation of a new document in the SharePoint Server library with an automatic filename you determine
  • Compatible with both on premise Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online (Office 365)
  • Ability to dynamically assign document names, folders, and indexes using Quillix indexes or MuWave® scripts
  • Options to handle duplicate file names by automatically applying a numeric suffix, overwriting the existing document, or sending the document/batch to exception
  • Capability to check-in documents to SharePoint with comments
  • Ability to combine all image files into industry standard multi-page TIFF format
  • Advanced options and configuration through use of UFC’s MuWave® Script.
  • Highly complementary with Quillix Workflows using UFC’s other MuWave® QSX modules

Easy Setup and Configuration

MuWave® SharePoint QSX is quickly and easily installed on a running Quillix server, and requires minimal configuration before it is production ready. It also provides options for expanded logging for testing or diagnostic purposes, as well the ability to backup, migrate or restore configuration by importing/exporting the configuration to an INI file. Contact us to find out more today.