MuWave Quillix Administration Console

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Now: Web-Based Administration for Your Quillix Server

The MuWave® Quillix Administration Console is a web application (ASP.NET) designed predominantly in Microsoft .NET that provides a user-friendly methodology for administrators to perform their job functions in the Quillix document capture environment. The audit log preview, case management, service management, system cleaning, and server monitoring features provide administrators with the tools needed to effectively manage their systems. The application can also be accessible by smartphones for organizations who authorize it to be used in that manner.


  • Monitor, search, filter, and group the Audit Log messages
  • Set a custom refresh rate for the Audit Log preview
  • Search, download a copy of, or delete cases
  • Start and stop the Quillix Server service
  • Perform system cleaning functions such as delete the working and process data directories, delete audit log entries,  and delete cases; this is traditionally used on a development server
  • Preview system performance counters produced by the Performance Monitor on the server

This web-based solution provides access through a web page to many of the administrative functions on your Quillix document capture software server.   Find out more by reading our data sheet about MuWave® Quillix Administration Console.

Screen shot of the Quillix admin console