MuWave Web Lookup & Database Picklist Generator

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MuWave® DB Lookup and Picklist Generator Data Sheet

MuWave® Lookup is an advanced replacement for the built-in web indexing database lookup and validation that is built into Quillix. MuWave® Lookup also enables Quillix indexing pick lists to be synchronized with a database and enables advanced database lookup operations to be performed.

Web-Based Interface

Imagine being able to configure advanced database lookup operations without having to manually edit Quillix web lookup INI files. MuWave® Lookup provides an easier to configure and more powerful replacement for the built-in Quillix web indexing lookup and validation feature. This product provides a graphical utility for configuring indexing lookups including a graphic screen for connecting to a database.

Pick Lists

MuWave®  Lookup also provides a utility that can be used to synchronize Quillix indexing pick lists with databases. This enables the Quillix pick lists to always be accurate and also eliminates the manual maintenance of the pick lists using the Quillix server manager. A batch file is provided that can be scheduled using the Windows task scheduler to update the pick lists at a predetermined time.


•   Provides an easier to configure replacement for the Quillix built-In lookup
•   Provides database lookups for Quillix indexes including pick lists
•   Provides synchronization of Quillix index pick lists with databases
•   Allows index “No Match” messages to be customized
•   Provides access to the Quillix Audit Log for logging indexing operations
•   Integrated with MuWave® Script (Visual Basic)