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Quillix® Data Capture is a distributed document capture software and process management system that streamlines the process of acquiring and creating documents.  Its innovative Web Client provides scanning, importing, and indexing of documents easily from anywhere around the world. With Quillix® Capture, an organization can capture documents easily from anywhere around the world and index large volumes of documents securely and efficiently. Quillix allows the automation of complex capture and indexing tasks using a unique graphical workflow tool, not a static list of workflow events as in competitive systems. Quillix document capture software will import and process email (including attachments), faxes and watched network folders, or FTP sites. It can then convert email attachments to image format for archival in a content management system. Finally, Quillix ensure corporate compliance by managing and monitoring incoming documents while easily integrating with third-party and legacy systems.

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New Quillix® 5 Web Document Capture Software Features:

Quillix® is a powerful, completely web-based document capture and document processing solution. It offers advanced features for your enterprise and is as easy as launching a web browser.  The optional forms processing module features utilize the very latest technologies from our vendors including ABBYY FlexiCapture® and FineReader® Engines.  The thin client works on any browser and uses HTML 5 technology without the requirement for ActiveX as in previous versions.

Quillix® offers a vast set of features including:

  • Web Based Document Capture – Remote document capture through the intuitive Quillix® web based interface without any software on the scanning client. The software runs through a small ActiveX control in Internet Explorer. A platform independent system that can run in any web browser will be released very soon.
  • Affordable Document Capture Software – Quillix® is licensed on a concurrent user basis making the Quillix® web document very affordable.  This thin client document capture system is extremely   easy for users around the world to tap into the power of advanced document processing available directly through a web browser. To add more users just purchase additional concurrent user licenses – there are no named user, per-seat charges.
  • Flexible Architecture – This capture software provides tight integration with your existing ECM, ERP, legacy systems, email, and fax servers.
  • Easy Administration – Intuitive rules based graphical capture workflow design tool makes it easy to implement sophisticated capture applications in minutes.
  • Global Document Capture Solution – Easily scalable to your needs. Users can be authenticated through your multiple Active Directory domains, and better yet no trust relationship is necessary. Additional clustered Quillix® servers can be added around the world as your needs grow.  And the web servers are included and you can add any number without additional charge to remote locations in order to extend web server performance to those areas.  This makes an ideal combination for growing firms acquiring companies and desiring to maintain their existing identities.
  • Advanced Forms and Automated Document Processing – Leverages the very latest document processing technologies to provide automated indexing of your enterprise documents including ABBYY FlexiCapture® engine.
  • Now shipping release level 5. Quillix® Capture has matured since it’s first release in the late 1990’s to the feature rich product that it is today. The latest release brings with it full 64 bit server architecture as well as a platform independent web client.  Request your free demo system today.

Quillix® Capture software was designed from the very beginning to provide a distributed capture software solution. This mature technology was pioneered in the late 1990’s with a vision of capturing documents from anywhere around the world with an easy to deploy web-based capture client. As browser technology matured and internet bandwidth increased, this thin client capture application became the main capture application. The current product focus has been on building production capture features into the thin Quillix® Capture Client as well as adding a browser independent client in a future release.

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Industry Leading Features of Quillix® Web Capture Makes it Unique:

Industry Pioneer:  Quillix® was a pioneer in the capture industry.  This enterprise document capture software suite offers features designed to confront both upstream and downstream data management challenges. The application uses OCR, ICR, and OMR technology (ICR and OMR are optional features) to determine how documents are routed throughout your company. Quillix® was a pioneer in offering a full featured web client and server side features such as despeckle/deskew, image cleanup, barcode recognition, email listening, and template-based forms recognition all in a single package.

Quillix® Web provides a powerful set of tools and flexible document processing workflow to accomplish document scanning tasks of any complexity.  Quillix® is compatible with a wide range of scanning devices supporting TWAIN.

Distributed Capture: Quillix® is a distributed capture system meaning that is uses a central server connected to the Internet to capture documents from any location on the web. If spotty Internet connectivity is an issue the system provides a means to schedule the transfer of jobs through a batch transfer utility.

Getting documents from their source into a repository is built into the Quillix® system. Documents are securely transmitted from the Quillix® Capture Client to the Quillix® Server one at a time, or in bulk over an internet connection. Backend repositories supported include FileNet® (all varieties), Oracle®, SharePoint Server®, Laserfiche®, Documentum® and Papervision®. Other connectors are available upon demand – just ask!

Unique Graphical Workflow Sets Quillix Capture Apart from Its Competitors

One of the main distinctive qualities of Quillix® is the graphical capture workflow tool within the Quillix® software suite. This intuitive drag and drop server application gives you the power to tackle both simple and complex business processes. Additionally Quillix® will handle your enterprise needs by integrating with your content management system — no matter the vendor. The Quillix® Web capture product suite serves procurement, finance, engineering, human resources, legal, and compliance departments with ease.

Quillix® Document Capture Software Pricing

Quillix® is a very affordable capture platform compared to competitive products. We would be glad to send you a complete price list and/ or Schedule a Demo with you.

Special Offers on Quillix® Web Capture and Forms Processing Software

Watch our page on LinkedIn or our blog for specials on Quillix® document capture software. Discount codes may be available for particular industries and also for current customers.  When sales are offered they will be posted here.

Short Videos about Quillix® Document Capture Software:

Help Me Select the Right Quillix® Extension Modules

Quillix® Capture has a highly extensible architecture made possible through QSX modules. These are software components which when loaded onto the server and placed in a capture workflow using the graphical authoring tool provide maximum flexibility in capturing your documents. UFC® Inc. offers a variety of these off-the-shelf plug-in extension modules for Quillix®.