05/21/2015 UFC Document Capture Solutions

UFC Releases MuWave OCR Unlimited and MuWave Classify/Extract

UFC® is excited to announce the launch of 2 new products: MuWave® OCR Unlimited and MuWave® Classify/Extract!

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MuWave® OCR Unlimited

MuWave® OCR Unlimited will convert your documents into a searchable PDF with no page count restrictions! It will accept any document or image that Quillix Server supports. During the conversion process, all previous searchable text and annotations are maintained.

MuWave® Classify/Extract

MuWave® Classify/Extract will fully automate your business processes without having to purchase a high dollar OCR suite! This product will identify document types by executing searches against its contents. Once we identify the document type, we can use textual search methods to extract document metadata.

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UFC Document Capture Solutions

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