Contract Data Extraction

Save hours of time searching huge voluments of legal contracts for certain key phrases.

Introducing the Contract Data Extraction Solution by ABBYY FlexiCapture

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Advanced data capture system extracts business-critical data from the document automatically and with high accuracy.
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See How FlexiCapture Automatically Extracts Data from Contracts

FlexiCapture automatically extracts data from contract documents such as this master services agreement including key contractual terms such as the customer name shown in this illustration. The ABBYY FlexiCapture contract data extraction solution saves thousands of hours parsing large volumes of contacts.

Truly Game Changing Automated Data Capture Software for Extracting Data
from Documents Includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Technologies

Automatically extract contract value and clauses using NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Locate essential contract details using logic similar to how humans read and interpret meaning from documents.

Extracts terms, conditions are other elements of the contract.

Automatically extracts key terms from the contract automatically eliminating thousands of labor hours parsing contracts through the use of Named Entity Recognition (NER). This is a ready to run, pretrained solution based upon Machine Learning.

Easy integration with RPA and other systems.

Includes out of the box integration for many popular RPA platforms along with easy API connectivity to integrate with existing business systems.

Superior data capture accuracy

Speeds up processing of documents even with the most co

State of the art technology

Latest capture, OCR, ICR, OBR and OMR technologies from the world-leading vendor continuously updated and enhanced by ABBYY.

Automated document classification and routing.

Process not just contracts but also any document types including invoices and purchase orders.

Video of ABBYY FlexiCapture Contract Data Extraction

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