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Document Capture and Content Management Terms

Terms about document capture, enterprise content management and forms processing software.


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Mark Sense

Data confined to one or more selections in a series, as in a survey. The data is selected by checking a box or filling in a bubble. For example, a survey may include gender information where a respondent fills in the bubble next to an 'M' or 'F' on the survey to indicate his or her gender.

A related term is OMR or optical mark recognition, which is the software used to extract values from this type of marking. 

example of a mark sense marking type

Illustration: Example of Mark Sense Marking Type 


Metadata is technically, "data about data." Metadata in the capture world is a transaction, system, and document data captured during scanning and passed to an data capture solution for further processing, including the document set, batch number, operator ID, bar code(s) and more.


MuWave, pronounced "mew (like the sound a cat makes) + wave, is a trademarked line of products developed by UFC, Inc. The current product line is arranged primarily around the Quillix software suite but also includes several stand alone products. One of the newest products is an OCR product which offers non-per page pricing.


MuWave Script

MuWave Script is a VB scripting language built into MuWave QSX modules. This functionality was developed in order to extend the capability of the MuWave QSX products without the need to customize each product for unique customer needs. MuWave Script allows a programmer to write straight-forward script commands to perform system operations inside the QSX module. This method of providing built-in customization capability is unique to UFC's QSX modules.


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