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Two Way Match of AP Invoice and Purchase Order

Two way matching is a process is done by an AP clerk or analyst to match the invoice being paid (a bill) with the goods originally ordered (a purchase order). In the most typical case a there is a purchase order that has already been created by the ordering company. Then an invoice was sent by the supplying vendor and received by the first company to be paid. When the AP clerk begins the process from a scanned invoice they have an image of the invoice say their right hand computer screen, and the purchase order from their ERP or accounting system on their left. They go into the PO and they evaluate all of the line items on the invoice for possible payment including quantity, unit price, and total. If the line items on the invoice match the line items on the purchase order, and they have the receving document receipt showing all of these items were actually received (three way match), then invoice can posted and paid - meaning the bill can be created and posted in the accounting or ERP system. Frequently an automated system like ABBYY FlexiCapture is used to extract data from the invoice and provide the user with an easy to use comparison display showing values in conflict or the results of other validation or workflow rules determined during the configuration process of the AP invoice processing software.