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WHM cPanel

WHM is a product name short for Web Hosting Manager which provides an excellent control panel system for Linux servers. The related cPanel term is one of the subhosting accounts that runs under the main WHM account.  WHM provides an excellent way to manage Linux servers. 

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    Using cPanel to Point a Dev Subdomain

    CPanel® provides companies with a very easy means of "parking" a temporary (or permanent) sub-domain on top of a main URL that can be used to complete the development process of a a web site.   This is a very handy feature for cPanel users because it allows the assignment of a URL that can be used for testing the web site prior to the full production launch. In order to test a new site with a dev sub-domain URL just complete the following steps.  If you run into an issue please post it as a comment and we will attempt to help you.