MuWave Script

MuWave Script is a VB scripting language built into MuWave QSX modules. This functionality was developed in order to extend the capability of the MuWave QSX products without the need to customize each product for unique customer needs. MuWave Script allows a programmer to write straight-forward script commands to perform system operations inside the QSX module. This method of providing built-in customization capability is unique to UFC’s QSX modules.
Some may say that MuWave Script adds a level of complexity to the configuration of the modules. This isn’t necessary the case since frequently no scripting is necessary. MuWave Script can easily be compared to SQL or Structured Query Language. Nobody would accuse a database product of being overly complex by allowing scripting with SQL. In the same way the MuWave modules use an industry standard Visual Basic scripting syntax such that any basic level programmer can easily create the scripting commands.