A complete solution for capturing and validating Real ID applications from public applicants.

Real ID Document Capture and Validation Solution

Learn how state IT managers can automate the capture and verification of applicant documents for Real ID.
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avatar of a driver's license cardOur innovative Real ID Compliance Solution provides you with an automatic document classification and data extraction solution for incoming REAL ID documents through machine learning technology. It includes mobile capture app to greatly improve the quality of the document capture from your public users.

How the Real ID Solution Works:

1. Provides a framework for REAL ID applicants to submit documents using a mobile app available on Android or iPhone.

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2. Automatically classifies the documents and routes exceptions to a queue.

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3. Confirms the validity of the documents submitted by public applicants for the REAL ID application.

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Automatically Classifies Documents

Automatically Classifies Documents

The advanced machine learning technology automatically classifies the documents through a training process that you do just once. After that the documents are classified automatically!

Automatically Extracts Data

Once the documents are classified, data from them is automatically cross checked with the applicant’s information and incorrect values are flagged.

Provides Mobile App for Much Higher Document Capture Quality

Our REAL ID solution includes a mobile phone app (Android and IoS) which provides much higher quality document scans than cell phone cameras.

Frees State IT Staff for Other Projects

Our REAL ID solution solves your document validation challenges and gives you the freedom to move onto other projects.

Read the ABBYY Use Case for the Department of Motor Vehicles:

Use Case: Department of Motor Vehiclesabbyy corporate logo

Industry: Government

Project: REAL ID

Title: Accelerating the Processing of Real ID applications for Department of Motor Vehicles

Project Description: States are required by a federal mandate to update IDs in order to meet REAL ID requirements within a set timeframe. A state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) agency turned to intelligent document processing software to accelerate and optimize the process to meet the federal deadline.

Challenge: The DMV must first build a portal where documents are uploaded. Intelligent document processing must prove the applicant’s identity, name change, social security, and residence. The technology solution must be able to optimize OCR input for Real IDs, enabling document classification and data extraction per document type by leveraging machine learning and predictive analysis.

Volume of documents processed:  Millions of documents annually

Document type:  Real ID applications

Product:  ABBYY FlexiCapture

Solution: User Friendly Consulting, Inc. (UFC) and ABBYY FlexiCapture’s Content Intelligence Platform partnered to create a solution that automates document classification, data extraction, and document processing by type. Machine learning enables data verification and continuous adjustments for high levels of accuracy.

Result: The DMV is able to stay on track to meet federal demands. Processes are automated, creating faster processing time while maintaining data integrity and freeing up staff to focus on higher value activities.

Download in PDF Format:  DMV Real ID Use Case

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Claudia Keirn

Excellent Vendor!

We interviewed several vendors and I was still just unconvinced that they would be able to meet our unique needs. Then we made a lucky find and we found Travis Spangler, the general manager of User Friendly Consulting.”…”What Travis and his team promised, they delivered in about a week.

Claudia Keirn

Corporate Senior Accountant, Wildman Business Group Warsaw, Indiana

Travis Hayes

Greatly Reduced Data Entry

FlexiCapture has minimized manual data entry. The time required to process an invoice has easily gone down 80%.

Travis Hayes

Account Manager, Total Utility Management Services LLC

Jerome Scott

Kudos to Travis!

It was impressive. Travis (UFC’s General Manager) listened so well that his first draft reflected exactly what we needed. In fact, the proposed template he came up with is almost identical to what we’re using today.

Jerome Scott

VP of Quality, Continental-Quality

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