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We provide software solutions for data capture, OCR and invoice processing along with consulting services for content management, document capture and ERP. We have been providing high quality solutions and services to our valued clients since 1990.

Enterprise Document Capture Solutions and Integration

Our mission is to provide world-class enterprise level software and services to ensure success for our customers. Our positive employee environment encourages imagination and nurturing of new ideas.

Our Software Solutions

UFC, Inc. delivers solutions that can be deployed to address a specific departmental need such as a quick return, integration across the enterprise, or tailoring for a specific industry for maximum value to the organization.

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Our Software Products

We know that effective and efficient data capture can be challenging for your organization and an important part of this is optical character recognition software (OCR). In order to provide the optimal optical character recognition software, we have carefully selected certain technology partners for their robust capabilities and flexible architecture and have aligned ourselves with ABBYY USA, Canon, and Prevalent Software to deliver robust data capture and OCR solutions.

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Our Professional Services

We offer the expertise and skills to deliver the right solution for your organization while providing complete assessment and implementation services for every phase of your project. Our focus is on solutions requiring OCR, ICR, OMR, and automated document classification and processing.

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Our Blog

Follow our blog to learn about the various technologies we use in the company including document capture, OCR, handwriting extraction, and more.

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Serving customers since 1990 as providers of document capture software and forms processing solutions by industry leading partners including Quillix, ABBYY, and MuWave.

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