WEGMANN automotive chooses User Friendly Consulting, Inc. and ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for AP/AR Automation

WEGMANN automotive, a leading supplier of automotive components, partners with User Friendly Consulting, Inc. to implement ABBYY as an efficient solution to streamline their document processing workflows for invoices, orders, and commercial invoices.

The automotive parts industry involves complex supply chains and diverse document types, making manual document processing time-consuming and error-prone. WEGMANN automotive faced challenges in accurately and swiftly handling invoices, orders, and commercial invoices. The need for a solution was evident due to:

  • High Document Volume: WEGMANN automotive dealt with a significant volume of documents daily, leading to processing bottlenecks.
  • Document Variety: Invoices, orders, and commercial invoices varied in structure, format, and content, making automation challenging.
  • Manual Errors: Manual data entry resulted in errors, leading to delays, compliance issues, and increased operational costs.

WEGMANN automotive opted for ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to address their document processing challenges comprehensively.

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Implementation:
    Document Definition: Tailored Document Definitions were configured for each document type, allowing the system to intelligently extract relevant information.
    FlexiLayouts: Advanced FlexiLayouts were employed to accommodate the diverse layouts of invoices, orders, and commercial invoices.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: ABBYY IDP seamlessly integrated with WEGMANN automotive’s SAP system and created a unified document processing ecosystem.
  • Workflow Automation: ABBYY IDP facilitated end-to-end automation, from document ingestion to data validation, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Operational efficiency with streamlined document processing and automated workflows.

Ability to adapt to additional Vendors and Customers without recreating additional processes or templates.

Reduced manual intervention led to operational cost savings, allowing WEGMANN automotive to allocate resources strategically and improve customer satisfaction.

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