Quillix is a document capture system produced by Prevalent Software of Colorado Springs, Colorado. A document capture system is an application that works to electronically “grab” documents from a variety of sources, in both printed and electronic formats. It is a “distributed” capture process management system meaning that it allows the capture of documents from non-centralized locations through the Internet. The servers themselves are then centrally located, although there may be a web servers deployed at each scanning location in order to increase the speed in which the documents are processed. Documents can come into Quillix through a wide variety of methods and the most common are scanning of paper documents, emailing of attachments, and fax.
AIIM give this definition for Quillix: Quillix Capture is a thin-client distributed capture system that streamlines the process of acquiring and creating documents. Features include: a visual capture process designer, thumbnail document classification, barcode recognition, machine- and hand-print OCR/ICR, forms recognition, database lookup and query tools, field input masks and validation, and group administration/Active Directory user integration. Source: [http://www.aiim.org/community/product-guide/Capture/Prevalent-Software-Quillix] cited 8/12/2011