MuWave® FileNet Input Module Data Sheet

FileNet Input Module (Licensed on a Per-Use Basis)

MuWave® FileNet® Input Module is an input source for Quillix™ servers that migrates documents from FileNet Image Services, Content Services libraries or P8 Content Manager object stores into Quillix batches. MuWave®  FileNet Input makes it possible to migrate a partial or entire library or object store into another FileNet library or object store – or into a completely different platform. Extensive document selection options are available such as selecting the entire library, document class, selected documents based on an index, or even a list of document IDs obtained from a database. This product is licensed on a per-use basis as a part of a consulting agreement with UFC® and requires the licensing of a Quillix capture system, at least during the term of the migration project.



•   Provides input of FileNet documents into Quillix
•   Supports both Panagon (IS and CS) as well as P8 Content Manager
•   Numerous document selection options
•   Advanced document indexing options that preserve original indexes
•   Preservation of document annotations
•   Integrated with MuWave® Script (Visual Basic)


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