MuWave® OCR QSX Data Sheet

MuWave® OCR Unlimited is Quillix™ server extension that provides an efficient means of generating textual information from images. It produces both text and searchable PDF versions from images or PDFs. In addition, a built-in Visual Basic scripting interface allows advanced operations to be completed, such as storing the output files to a network storage device or inserting text into a database.



  • Accepts any image file that Quillix Server supports. This includes TIFF, JPEG, BMP, TARGA, PNG, and PDF files (image only or image and text).
  • Works within any Quillix document or batch level workflow.
  • Unlimited page processing with multithreaded operation up to the licensed limit of cores.
  • Provides unlimited page processing across multiple Quillix servers.
  • No “per click” OCR page costs.
  • Accurate text recognition >99% accuracy for 300 dpi typed text images.
  • Automatic line removal for form-based documents.
  • Advanced enhancement of grayscale and fuzzy images for maximum text extraction.
  • Native PDF processing using Adobe’s own tools.
  • PDF output files are not rendered versions—they are the original files with a text layer added.
  • Option to bypass PDFs that are already searchable for maximum speed.
  • When used with other MuWave® products such as MuWave® Rendition QSX, capable of processing any file type including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Custom logging option for generating messages in the Quillix audit log.
  • Built-in Visual Basic scripting for performing advanced operations such as calling custom COM objects.
  • Integration with MuWave® Reports and other MuWave® modules for a comprehensive capture solution.

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