MuWave Queue Utility

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MuWave® Queue Utility is a web-based system that dramatically simplifies the management of FileNet® Image Services Queue Contents.  Imagine being able to display the contents of many different queues from different workspaces at the same time, or reroute all of these items to a different queue – all using a simple web-based interface with no client software to install.


•   Display items from multiple workspaces and queues simultaneously
•   Modify and delete queue entries
•   Move queue entries – even between workspaces
•   Search for queue entries across multiple workspaces and queues
•   Produce queue summary and detail reports for viewing in excel
•   Control allowed operations using additional security levels above IS
•   Meet compliance requirements by logging all operations

Simple Web-based Interface

MuWave® Queue Utility supports many of the operations provided in the FileNet®  thick client queue maintenance tool as well as IDM for R3 but also provides numerous other capabilities. These features are provided in an elegant web-based environment and operate in flexible and extensible system that allows large numbers of queue entries to be managed easily.

Within the web interface, libraries, workspaces, and queues are displayed in the tree view. The contents of any number of queues from any number of spaces may be displayed by simply selecting them from the tree view. A document may be displayed using IDM Web Services or Open Client by simply clicking on the queue entry associated with the document. Rerouting multiple queue entries is as easy as selecting them and clicking the reroute button. Each operation is logged so that an administrator or auditor may keep track of each operation that has been performed.