MuWave Route QSX

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MuWave® Route QSX is a Quillix™ Server eXtension (QSX) that provides advanced routing, database lookups, and email capabilities to Quillix. Routing decisions may be made based on Quillix index values, other Quillix batch or document information, information based on database values or by calling a custom COM object. MuWave® Route can populate a Quillix index based upon the route that was selected. In addition, a built-in Visual Basic scripting interface allows advanced routing decisions and other operations to be performed.


•   Provides advanced routing in batch and document workflows
•   Highly configurable email capabilities
•   Provides simple routing based on Quillix indexes and other values
•   Advanced routing available via MuWave® Script (Visual Basic)
•   Automated email addressing to original user who scanned batch
•   PDF conversion option for email attachments (image only)
•   Option to reduce / restore number of images in a batch
•   Backup at the case level including batch .xml
•   Provides routing based on database lookups
•   Integrated with MuWave® Script and MuWave® Reports

Advanced Routing

MuWave® Route QSX provides advanced routing in Quillix batch and document workflows. Routing decisions may be made by evaluating all of the information that is available for the batch or document. In addition, database lookups may be used to determine the path that will be selected in the workflow.  Advanced email capabilities provide an easy method for notifying users or administrators of exception conditions. The emails may be sent to the original user who scanned the batch or to a list of other individuals and may include the original set of images or a PDF containing all of the pages.