MuWave Web Import

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MuWave® Web Import is an add-in module for Quillix™ Web that provides high volume file import for the thin client capture stations. MuWave® Web Import prevents users from having to display each file being imported in the browser.

High Volume – Thin Client

Quillix Web is a powerful web-based capture product. MuWave® Web Import enhances Quillix Web by allowing users to import high volumes of files without having to display each file in the browser as it is imported. The product supports image and non-image files such as Microsoft Office and PDF documents and provides a simple list view of the documents being imported with drag and drop support, allowing the user to simply drop a group of files onto the web browser.

A document separator feature allows users to click a button in order to insert a document separator sheet between the files in the batch. The Quillix server can use this barcode sheet to separate the documents. Individual files may be viewed in their native application by clicking the View File button. Once all required files are imported, the batch is released to the Quillix server just like any other Quillix Web batch.


•   Provides high volume image and non-image file import
•   Drag / drop support allows files to be dropped onto the web browser
•   Supports all image file types as well as Microsoft® Office and other file types
•   Multiple select feature allows large groups of files to be selected
•   Provides a document separator sheet option for separating documents
•   Implemented as a signed ActiveX control with server side ASP
•   May be enabled or disabled by profile using an administrator web page