ABBYY Vantage Video – Convert a Customer Purchase Order to an EDI 850 Format

Watch in our video how to use ABBYY Vantage to convert a customer purchase order to an EDI 850 Format.

Hello. Today I’d like to show you how we can perform OCR on an incoming customer purchase order and create an EDI 850 file out of that customer purchase order. So what we have here is a very standard flow in ABBYY Vantage. We’re gonna bring a document in, we’ll of course extract information from that purchase order. And what you’ll see here is that we will generate that EDI file. And then for today’s demo, we’re actually gonna place that EDI file as a field to the actual document, just so you can visually see what that file looks like and you can also see the actual document as well. For today’s demo, we’re gonna throw that into a review queue. Of course this is optional in any traditional implementation. But for today’s demo, we’re gonna throw that into a review queue so that we can see the results.

Now I have a pretty basic customer purchase order that I’ll show you. And just kind of what you would expect. It has customer information, it has shipping information, of course it has line items and those sorts of things. So what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and put that into our try any skill page. We’re gonna drop that in. We’re gonna go ahead and select our 850 skill.

And that purchase order will now be processed. ABBYY Vantage is gonna extract that information and then eventually we will get a link so that we can review that document in a manual review queue.

Okay, that document is now completed. So we can click our review button here. And what I’ll wanna show you here is, of course we have the document and the purchase order in the system, but just for fun, we went ahead and threw that EDI string here onto the actual document itself, just so we can see that and kind of see it in play with how this document works. So we have obviously our header information and then of course our transactional information here.

So this is a very standard approach. Now what we do with this EDI file is a hundred percent configurable. We can pass the actual file to some downstream service. We can save the 850 file independently besides the document. So we just have a lot of control. The secret here is that we wanna get that document in EDI 850 format so that we can process downstream in an automation step.

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