ABBYY Vantage Video – Convert a Purchase Invoice to an EDI 810 Format

Watch in this demo how to use ABBYY Vantage to convert a Purchase Invoice to an EDI 810 Format.

Hello. Today I’d like to show you our EDI Connector for ABBYY Vantage. And with this EDI Connector we’ll do, it will give us the ability to take an incoming document, in this case an invoice and produce an EDI 810 formatted file. So a document’s gonna come in through a sample site that we have built. We’re gonna extract the invoice details. We’re gonna create that EDI 810 file. And then we’ll produce that here for us to look at through the output stage.

So what I have here is just a very common invoice. We have some header information, we have some line items. And what I’m gonna do is go ahead and upload that to ABBYY Vantage. Just gonna go ahead and upload a document. And we’re gonna go ahead and select our skill. And what’s gonna happen here is the software’s going to take that document in, it’s gonna extract the details, and then it’s gonna produce that EDI file.

Okay, that file has now been fully processed and I just got my EDI file for it. And I’ll share that with you here on this screen. And what you’ll see here is I have my header information as described in the 810 requirement. And then of course we have line item details also described here as well. So what we can do with that file, we can be very creative. We can call an external systems, we can put it on a file directory to be consumed by another third party. But the secret sauce here is that we have that EDI format and can utilize that in our downstream steps.

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