11/14/2012 UFC Document Capture Solutions

OCR Without Per Page Cost

Are you concerned about the per-page charges requested by commcial OCR Software? UFC® is pleased to offer a high volume alternative through our MuWave® PDF product.  MuWave® PDF produces high quality image over text or PDF-A-2 (PDF archive) documents without the per-page licensing with most other commercial offerings.  Imagine a high-capacity OCR engine without per-page OCR charges or annual limits.   This product comes standard with support for eight processor cores and is designed for a high-volume environment.  It is available either in a high-volume QSX module for Quillix or as a stand-alone application which monitors a directory and processes files as they are sent there by an existing capture solution. This new exciting product was released by UFC® in March of 2012. For more information please contact our sales team.  Read more about MuWave® PDF.

UFC Document Capture Solutions

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