A large, religious-based non-profit adopted ABBYY IDP and User Friendly Consulting, Inc.’s expertise to integrate automated medical claim document processing into their claim entry system.

This organization was managing medical claims manually, leading to delays, errors, and increased operational costs.
The project team decided to leverage ABBYY’s IDP technology to streamline the process, reduce human error, and enhance overall efficiency. After speaking with a number of different vendors, ABBYY was chosen because of the following:

  • High degree of accuracy / straight-through-processing out of the box
  • A great user experience, especially when manual correction is necessary.
  • Cloud availability
  • Ability to export data to EDI 837 format.

After closely communicating with User Friendly Consulting, Inc. and experiencing a successful proof-of-concept, the non-profit chose ABBYY Vantage to create a cognitive skill to process their CMS-1500, UB-04, and Dental Claim documents. Furthermore,
the non-profit utilizes User Friendly Consulting, Inc.’s integration skill to convert the extracted data to EDI format 837.

Right out of the box, the document skill delivered upwards of 90 percent accuracy. With customization and advanced training of the skill, accuracy improved further, allowing the non-profit to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and save money.

Extremely high degree of accuracy processing data from medical claims.

No-touch, straight-through processing for highest user experience.

Export to standard EDI format.

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