08/04/2015 Jim Hill

Why Southern Star Gas Uses Quillix Capture

When Southern Star Consolidated Gas needed a document capture application for their company they chose Quillix. The document capture software application processes scanned and electronic documents and commits them to FileNet through the MuWave® QSX for FileNet. The system includes an engine which automatically creates barcode sheets for the separation of documents and batches called MuWave® Barcode Generator.

T. Chris Green, Database Administrator at Southern Star said this about Quillix:

Quillix provides a straightforward platform for capturing documents in our enterprise. UFC® has provided some solid products with the modules they offer. Their customer support has always been knowledgeable and very responsive to any issues we have had. I am very pleased with the quality of product and the level of service we get from UFC.

About Southern Star

Southern Star Consolidated Gas Pipleline is, according to their web page, a “leading transporter of natural gas to America’s heartland, with about 6,000 miles of natural gas transmission pipeline in the Midwest and Mid-Continent regions of the United States.”  Learn more about South Star on their home page.

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