UFC Releases a New Innovative Trial Experience

UFC Releases New “User Friendly” Innovative Trial Experience

User Friendly Consulting® is excited to announce our new trial experience! It is an easy 3-step process that positively enhances the user’s experience without spending any time installing the trial software on their server (which may not always have the prerequisites needed to run the software). Instead, the customer will be using a “cloud” trial. … Read More

Happy New Year!

New Year Promotions from User Friendly Consulting

User Friendly Consulting® (UFC, Inc.) is excited to start 2016 with you! We have a number of thrilling projects, software offerings, and discounts coming your way this year! We had a terrific 2015 and we intend to carry that momentum with us into 2016. Make sure to stay in tune with us by: (1) reading … Read More

Quillix web capture

Document Capture with Quillix and Microsoft SharePoint

Quillix Document Capture seamlessly captures documents to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The essence of UFC’s capture, store, energize mantra is the power this solution gives your company to quickly implement an enterprise level document capture software solution in just a few hours. Quillix is a web based, distributed capture solution suitable for any industry. Watch this short video presentation by Travis to see just how easily you can be capturing documents to SharePoint Server.

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Quillix web capture

Quillix Redaction Webinar

Quillix Redact is a new module for the Quillix Document Capture system that allows users to quickly and easily perform redaction operations on a page, document, multiple documents, or a batch. Quillix Redact was created with productivity in mind, and uses advanced algorithms and text search technology to automatically find and highlight redaction targets based on pre-defined and user-defined redaction criteria.

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