Vehicle Component Manufacturer Automates Invoices with ABBYY

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America’s leading supplier of Wheel Ends to OEM manufactures now receives over 200,000 paper invoices every year from its vendors. Manually processing the documents demands the time of twelve employees – a task that the company decided to automate using ABBYY FlexiCapture® for Invoices.

Dealing with debit memos manually would take four people 3-4 hours a day. With FlexiCapture for Invoices, one person can do it in an hour.” EDI Group Manager

As the EDI Manager describes, FlexiCapture’s accuracy and flexibility play a key role in the project’s success: “We’re realizing near 100% accuracy with invoices processed through the system. And the flexibility of ABBYY’s solution is outstanding. It enables us to capture line items from virtually any invoice format – which is vital since every vendor uses their own form. With just three samples, we can train the solution on a new invoice.”

The EDI Group Manager also states the importance of ABBYY’s partner, UFC® Inc.: “UFC® showed us how to use FlexiCapture for Invoices to achieve our goals, using our own resources. The other provider wanted us to do it via their cloud system or let them handle the pre-processing – not what we wanted.

He also sees even more benefits in the future: “There’s no end to the ideas people have for FlexiCapture. We can train it to put anything we need into a database and run business processes from the data. We couldn’t accomplish what we’re doing without FlexiCapture,” he concludes. “On a scale of 10, it’s at least a 12. And UFC® was terrific. I have referred UFC® to others and will continue to do so.”

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